Lace Industries in Toyama, Japan


Bringing 60 years worth of history,
craftsmanship, and design to the world

Japan boasts 60 years worth of history
in embroidered lace manufacture.
We are bringing the local
craftsmanship and design developed
over that time from Toyama to the world.

Delivering embroidered lace to the world,
from the rich natural environs of Toyama, Japan.


From developing materials to
creating fashions.

Throughout the ages, one thing has never changed: the yearning for a rich and beautiful life. Lace products, possessed of a delicate beauty, make life richer and more fashionable, not only as a material in high quality garments, but also in textile and interior products, and as industrial materials in related processes.
Chuetsu Lace makes designs that are both classical and up-to-date, and takes care of everything from research and development of materials, to manufacturing and processing, as well as retail sales, in order to provide reliably high quality, high grade lace products.


September 1943 Founded as Toyama Prefecture Canvas Industries Co., Ltd.
October 1956 Name change to Chuetsu Lace Co., Ltd., and a new lace department established.
Engineers sent to Europe in preparation for production.
October 1957 Embroidery lace machine purchased from Italy, and production started.
September 1973 Niikawa Chuetsu Lace Co., Ltd. (now Tonami Lace) founded Production started in Tonami City
November 2006 ISO9001 Certified
July 2010 ISO14001 Certified

Associate companies: Tonami Lace Co., Ltd. (manufactures knitted products)
Address: 276, Higashinaka, Tonami-shi, Toyama Prefecture, Japan

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Company name Chuetsu Lace Co., Ltd.
Establishment September 20, 1943
Address Head office / Plant
2-50 Suginoki, Tonami-shi, Toyamaken 939-1355 Japan
Certified ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
OEKO-TEK confidence textiles STANDARD 100